Become an Health Care Assistant while studying the Diploma

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Become an Health Care Assistant while studying the Diploma

Have the Opportunity to obtain dual registration (RN and HCA) 

•       Qualify as a registered Health Care Assistant after 19 weeks only at the beginning of the PGDCN (Post Graduate Diploma in Canadian Nursing)


•       Make more money during the PGDCN:

•       Work part time in a health care field making 24% more money than minimum wage

•       Health Care Assistants make on average $29,600 during the 17 months of the program compared to minimum wage of $22,000 (at other programs not incorporating HCA into their program


•       Improve Job Search opportunities:

•       Work in a field related to Nursing to provide reliable references in Canada which could increase job opportunities through networking

•       Land on a better job at the end of the program that maximize the route to PR


•       HCA’s are On Demand

•       Health Care Assistant is an occupation in high demand in British Columbia with 16,620 job openings by 2024 (British Columbia 2024 Labour Market Outlook)

LinkedIn has 260+ jobs listed, Indeed has 400+ job listings, wowjobs has 1,180+  job listings, and workopoligs has 200+ jobs listed a in the BC area.


•       Students can find employment in:

•       Hospitals and Community Agencies

•       Residential, Extended and Intermediate Care Facilities

•       Home Support Agencies

•       Assisted Living Residences

•       Stenberg provides the support to ensure each student is employed as a Registered Health Care Aid during their 10 week Co-Op through:

•       Interview skills, resume, cover letter, and job search help

•       Support from employers who continually place & hire HCA students

•       This experience provides an opportunity for students to further develop their skills within a Canadian context.

For information and counselling, Contact:


Mobile: 2348068531240, 2348187985900

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