Thank you for considering MITT as your study destination. We deliver practical training through one- and two-year certificates and diplomas in the areas of health care, human services, information and business technology, and skilled trades. In addition to providing you an education that leads directly to employment opportunities, everyone in MITT's learning community is dedicated to ensuring you have a truly memorable education journey.

MITT is diverse. 
We welcome students from over 40 countries around the world and our campus community actively celebrates the cultural diversity of our student body.

MITT is student focused. 
Your success is our priority, so MITT offers comprehensive student supports and a personalized approach to learning to help you achieve your academic goals and set you on your career path. The result? We have outstanding graduation rates in all our programs.

MITT is industry driven. 
We are in regular conversation with our industry partners to ensure our programs meet their needs and provide you with the skills and experiences you need to successfully find employment.

MITT provides students safe, respectful, learning environments. 
We train our students for the expectations of the Canadian workplace by reinforcing these standards (for conduct, respect, inclusion, and professionalism) in the classroom and in the policies that govern our Institute. Our campuses are located within or close to residential neighbourhoods and are serviced by major bus routes. We also employ day and evening security personnel to monitor our campuses and provide students a point of contact in the event they have any questions or concerns.


As the largest city in Manitoba, Winnipeg is a prosperous and growing urban centre with a diverse population and economy. Home to world-class music and cultural festivals, countless restaurants, three professional sports teams, and year-round community events, Winnipeg is a hive of activity, commerce, culture, and fun. There are many public colleges and universities in Winnipeg, making it a great place to meet and connect with other students of all ages. Pegged as one of the five best cities in Canada to find a job, Winnipeg has many employment opportunities in high-demand industries to which MITT's programs are aligned. "Friendly Manitoba", as our province is known, has a strong and growing economy, welcoming newcomers with all types of talent and ambition.

Living in Winnipeg while you study
MITT offers a Homestay program for students who wish to live with a local family while they study. Among the benefits of this living arrangement are the opportunity to improve English language skills and make new friends. There are also many private or shared accommodations available for rent in close proximity to MITT campuses. Online search tools such as the Rental Network can help you find available properties for rent in Winnipeg.

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