Top Reasons to come to Lakeland College

When we asked our current and prospective international students why they chose Lakeland College,their top 3 reasons were all very similar:

  • For high quality education
  • For immigration opportunities
  • For the opportunity to experience another culture, and more specifically Canada

Those are exactly why we think Lakeland College is a good choice for you.

We are proud that our reputation is built on a proven ability to offer students the crucial skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen career. 

Our top quality education is affordable and rich in hands-on, live the learning experiences.

Our reputation has been strengthened by satisfied students recommending us to their friends and colleagues. In fact, some of our international students have been recommended by their family and friends who came to Lakeland.

Because we are located on the Canadian prairies in a small town and small city, we also offer some unique experiences that you might not get in a larger centre.Those larger centres, such as Edmonton, are less than 3 hours away.

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