If you’re looking for world-class education in a vibrant, multicultural setting, you’ll find it here at Algonquin College. With over 180 programs and three campuses, we’re one of Canada’s largest colleges – yet we’re still small enough to nurture a friendly, student-oriented community atmosphere. The International Education Centre is here to help you succeed academically while enjoying life at our welcoming, multicultural school located in the heart of Ottawa, Canada.

Full-time: 18,386

Continuing Education: 45,411 Registrations

International: Over 2,100 international students enroll at Algonquin from more than 100 countries. Recent activity abroad includes projects in countries such as India, China, South Africa, Tanzania, Yemen, and Montenegro.

Age 25 or older: 23%
Age 20 – 24: 41%
Under 20: 36%


Female: 47%
Male: 53%

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