American International Medical University (AIMU) College of Medicine and Nursing is an innovative school dedicated to providing a learner-centric education of the highest quality, granting opportunities to underrepresented minorities, fostering a diverse academic community, and ensuring that its graduates develop the skills and attitudes of life-long learning, compassion, and professionalism.


We also provide students who would otherwise be unable to receive a medical and nursing education with the tools to become successful physicians and nurses. AIMU was founded with the commitment to support undeserved communities and address the impending physician and nurse’s shortage with an emphasis on primary care. As such, the University recognizes its social responsibility to advance the field of medicine, nursing and lead the next generation of physicians and healthcare professionals to respond to global health care needs.Our Speciality

AIMU offers a modern medical curriculum which is constantly monitored for effectiveness and provides opportunities for problem-stimulated learning, self-directed learning, interprofessional education, health humanities, healthcare innovation and access to online learning resources. Our core rotations are conducted at accredited hospitals in the United States and at the renowned University of West Indies (UWI) hospitals. Recognizing the importance of faculty members staying abreast of recent developments in their areas and in medical education AIMU conducts regular faculty development sessions. This ensures that you learn using modern, effective teaching-learning methods and are equipped to stay up-to-date with recent developments.

In nine short years, we have reached some impressive milestones. Imagine what we can accomplish in the next ten.

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