Skills for Your Future

The International Study Centre aims to teach you the English language, academic and study skills you need to achieve success at the University and in your chosen career. Programmes are provided by Study Group, in collaboration with the University of Lincoln.

The Course for You

Whether you want to develop an exciting career in computing, engineering, media or business, we believe we have the course that will meet your personal and professional needs.

Skills for Success

Courses at the International Study Centre  are designed to teach you the English language, academic and study skills you need to achieve success at the University of Lincoln and in your chosen career. 

Focus on Your Career

We know that you may already be thinking about your future career, which is why we have integrated a careers element into our academic courses at the International Study Centre. As part of your career development, our CareerAhead programme will guide you towards making the right choices and give you the tools you need to stand out in the competitive graduate job market.

Supportive Learning Environment

We provide a supportive environment that will encourage you to learn new skills and grow in confidence. Classes at the International Study Centre  are small in size, so you will receive plenty of individual attention from our specialist teachers. We will assess your work regularly throughout the course to ensure you are making good progress.

University-style Teaching

At the International Study Centre you will experience the same style of teaching that you will find at the University, including tutorials, seminars and lectures. We will teach you how to take notes and encourage you to talk to lecturers so that you can participate fully when you go on to study your degree.

Access to Facilities

As an International Study Centre student you will study on campus and have access to many of the University’s modern facilities. This includes sports centre membership and access to the Great Central Warehouse Library that has more than 260,000 books and ebooks, and much more.

High Progression


86% of International Study Centre students who completed their course were offered a place to study at the University of Lincoln in 2

At the International Study Centre, we provide a safe and friendly learning environment where you will learn alongside students from around the world. Stuart Old, Head of Centre

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